Hangar 7 Aviation Aircraft Maintenance

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Aircraft Structural Repair and Modifications

Hangar 7 Aviation provides aircraft structural repair, maintenance, and inspection services. 

Located at Central Jersey Regional Airport (47N) We are experienced in all aspects of light aircraft maintenance and repair and are familiar with the various requirements of the aviation industry. Our goal is to provide high quality aircraft maintenance and repair services at a reasonable price. We strive for complete customer satisfaction.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • pre-buy inspections
  • 100 hour and annual inspections
  • borescope inspections
  • ferry permits
  • aircraft shipping/recovery
  • major/minor repairs
  • sheet metal structures
  • tube and fabric
  • paint repair/touch-up
  • Anti-Corrosion treatment







We look forward to serving you. 


Have you had Hail Damage, a gear-up, or a taxi incident? We have extensive rebuild experience with most makes of light single and twin engine aircraft.

We understand how it feels to want your aircraft looking just that much better. We will help you to acheive that pride of ownership!

Owning an aircraft can sometimes be an economical challenge. We can arrange to repair one or two small areas of your aircraft at a time to make the job more economically feasable. There's no job too small.